With our close proximity to the Yukon and several shared waterways we have both the population and genetics for the some of the world’s biggest Canadian Moose. With an average well over 53”, and several moose over 60” each year, it’s no wonder that Cassiar Stone is becoming “the place” to fulfill a dream moose hunt. To quote one of our hunters “I have seen more moose in the first hour of this hunt than I did in ten days of hunting in the Yukon. This is an amazing place”.
On a horseback hunt we will use the horses to get up high and glass for moose or we will cover ground while hunting the edges of the timber and willow draws. Most hunters add caribou onto this hunt with great success. Without doubt we offer B.C.s best Moose/Caribou combination hunt with every hunter getting a shot at one animal and most harvesting both trophies.
On a boat hunt you will travel the lakes and/or rivers while calling for moose; you may also take short hikes up to vantage points and meadows. The success rate and trophy size on these hunts is the same as our horseback hunts but the hunt will be less physically demanding. Generally these hunts are booked as two hunters for one guide making them a great choice for those looking to hunt with a friend or family member. One hunter per guide can also be arranged for those wishing to hunt alone. Because of the density of moose in our lakes region this is a perfect place for our archery clients.

Canadian Moose

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